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Here you’ll find my serial about a strange small town and its cast of characters, who run the gamut from wacky to lovable to sinister. Among them are: 1) Café Confictura’s owner, a septuagenarian mischief-maker who’s just become vegan; 2) a sometimes snarky fashion maven who runs her style consulting business out of the café; and 3) a retired English professor who conducts his writing salon with all the sensitivity of Attila the Hun. And these three are the good guys.
Learn more about the biggest small café in the Northeast, and read brief bios on the three main characters of Confictura. This page also features what info there is on the November 5 quake that so disrupted life in our little town of Applewood, CT.
This is where I’ll put the word out for any appearances, open mics, giveaways, interviews, and the like that I’m involved with; and it’s the place to find my Twitter feed and other feeds associated with
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Unique, literary, entertaining. Novels and short story collections that fit this bill can be hard to find these days, when there’s a preponderance of derivative (and sometimes just plain bad) writing in the world. But the hypothesis of the Experiment is that they are out there, those fresh, exciting, thought-provoking tales by both established and new authors. Here’s a place where writers and readers of this kind of material can share titles, authors, summaries, and where to buy it.
Good discussion is made great when you stop to read the news and consider someone else’s viewpoint. Maybe your eyes open to a new angle you’ve never considered. Maybe you clarify your opinion. Maybe you come up with new and interesting ways to curse knucklehead pundits who just talk to hear the sound of their own voices. The Newsstand offers a selection of Twitter feeds about writing, publishing, fitness, diet, fashion & style and, for those of you who are gluttons for punishment like me, politics, social issues, and world events.
“’s Vox Populi” is a different type of forum from the usual lists and threads. It’s actually a complementary blog to, at Here, you can watch video intros and read excerpts from the posts featured on, and check out bonus material, too. Find a topic or post that interests you? This is where you can share your comments. Want to start a discussion on a related topic? Send me a quick e-mail at admin(at)clarissajeanne(dot)com to suggest it be added to the "Open Mic" reader-generated discussions page. I’d love to hear from you!